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El Feast, 2019. Photography: Sandra Blow


It is not simply about dance, but rather about a deep bodily investigation –without Cartesian separations– and the intricacies between memory, imagination, sensation, perception and movement. 


It is difficult to imagine current artistic practice without cross-cutting different fields of knowledge / feelings / actions, which intersect the body with questions and problems.

Recent studies on neurodance and 4E cognition (embedded, embodied, enacted and extended) have enriched and complicated the phenomenology of movement. In this sense, butoh can be considered a paradigmatic example of embodied cognition, due to its fascinating relationship between movement, sensory images, memory and imagination.  


Society of Flesh and Bone reconceptualizes and reappropriates butoh, disrupting it with crossovers between dance, performance studies, choreography, philosophy, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, immersive and participatory art, installation, sound art, experimental music; Practice and theory fluctuate in one mobius strip, affecting each other, constantly.  


Our practice is focused on developing (syn-) aesthetic experiences (Machon, 2013); immersive art generated through situated choreographies, multisensory stimuli, with lighting, sound, movement, touch, sometimes even taste and smell, also shaping the experience. By this, we wish to share the possibilities of what Josephine Machon describes as “making sense” and “feeling by doing” with the audience.  


We study a body training that expands perception, sensation and conscious attention, with the aim of weaving relationships between bodies and their environments; in short, as Suely Rolnik says, to reactivate the body’s knowledge and knowledge of the body.  


We extend our movement in search of a state between moving and being moved, affecting and being affected, a constant flow between an externalized interior and an internalized exterior. It is from these paradoxical ideas that we seek to interlace different fields of knowledge / feelings from a transdisciplinary, critical and localized perspective.

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