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Where You Left Off is an interdisciplinary exhibition uniting makers from Mexico City and the United States. Conversational and collaborative, this project spotlights the making process first, the final artwork coming at the end.

In collaboration with Tiger Strikes’s Asteroid artist network, curators Tally de Orellana and David Ayala-Alfonso, have asked a number of artists based in Mexico City and in the United States to work in pairs that they have already designated. Aura Arreola collaborates with Cydney Lewis (Chicago), and opens to the public, with the other participating pairs, their process of creation in different formats, the first of them at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery in Philadelphia currently on exhibition. Visit the project page here.


Aura Arreola



Water Every Day
Video, performance & sound art by Aura Arreola

From the instruction of Yoko Ohno, shared by Cydney Lewis

2.21 min


Melting Together

Voice, sound, performance & video by Aura Arreola

1.56 min


1.Sand. From the instruction: two materialities around water

Video, performance & violin by Aura Arreola
1.29 min


2. Salt. From the instruction: two materialities around water

Voice, performance & video by Aura Arreola

3.47 min


Moving Through Cydney

Video: Fili 周 Gibbons

Movement: Qi Gong practice shared by Cydney Lewis

Performers: Aura & the river

Sound art and edition: Aura Arreola
1.43 min

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