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Ciclo Edges 2021, Centro Multimedia Cenart

Aura Arreola: Concept, voice, objects, installation, electronic media & performance.

Production: Multimedia Center for the Arts.

Camera: Mónica García Rojas, Eder Noé Ortiz Almanza.

Audio, Productionn & Video editing: Fernando Vigueras.

Coordination, Production, Stage mangment & Postproduction: David Camargo.

Abyssal is a live arts installation in which butoh dance and sound experimentation come together. A piece of ice suspended through a fishing net reminds us of the environmental disasters caused by global warming. Drop by drop like medieval torture, this temporal and rhythmic gesture accompanies three different moments in which the artist Aura Arreola throws herself into a vocal-corporal exploration to embody the unfathomable depths of abyssal life.

No light penetrates the depths of the oceans, the pressure is also very high, yet life finds ways to persist in the most adverse conditions. Some are called Extremophiles, partially or totally blind, the fauna that inhabits the abyssal zone is capable of producing light (bioluminescence) or of heightening its sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. With this imagery, Aura Arreola approaches beings as fascinating as the Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineu), the black devil (Melanocetus johnsonii) or the vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis). The voice emerges like fossil remains of a multispecies memory, submerging in capricious temporalities and spatialities.

It is by listening to that cacophony of turbulent stories that we can find our best hopes for precarious survival.


[…] These intertwined rhythms represent a temporary alternative, still alive, to the unified rhythm of progress that we still yearn to obey.

Anna Tsing.

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