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Aura Arreola: artista y directora.

Guyphytsy Aldalai: artista y gestora invitada.

Anabel Venegas: diseño y promoción.

Isabel Rodríguez y Sheherezade Morales: coordinación y atención a público. 

Gerardo Castillo: productor.

Ollin Miranda, Gabriela Alatorre, Miriam Rosas: registro video y foto.



Past experience: 18 - 20 de marzo 2023

Next experience: 18-20 de agosto 2023

Thanks to Intercultural Roots, we are soliciting donations through a Crowdfunding platform that will double the contributions received from donors.



Since 2019 — thanks to and with the help of many contributors — we have created Inner Space, a series of retreats in nature that foster our connection with vital energy and the importance of care: self-care, care for other beings, and care for nature. In 2 or 3 days, we dive collectively into different body practices: butoh dance, extended perceptual experiences, and sensory/affective relations with the environment. We are hosted by many different ecological venues who inspire us to imagine other ways of living better together.


Inner Space is actively building an itinerant community that brings together people from arts, humanities, ecology, permaculture, healing / body practices, and other fields. With your help, we will be able to hold these experiences more frequently, to explore how these intersections may generate possibilities for social change and climate action. 

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