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Record of the process: Mónica García Rojas

Photography: César Alberto Guzmán, Mario Hernández and Natalia Gaia_ Casa del lago UNAM 


The Circle of the Unpredictable: a nucleus of ideas in motion, a series of interdisciplinary encounters (nodes), in which artists from various fields are invited to develop processes of collaborative and interdisciplinary creation, where experimentation and improvisation are the essential axes that cross the body, addressing through different conceptual notions the idea of the unpredictable as an uncertain space, but a communal abyss.


Coincidence, Confrontation and Limit are then established as cardinal points of the different processes that orchestrate this collective and haphazard proposal.

Each node consists of intensive work sessions that will take place over the course of a week, during which the artists carry out a series of exercises and experiments with various formats, assemblies, devices and materials to generate collective processes of sonic, performative, visual, and scenic creation.


​During each work period, an open work session will take place where the participants of the circle and the audience attending will dialogue and shape a feedback space that will be able to influence or edit other creative processes.


At the end of each node, multiple public presentations will be held accounting for the results of the creative processes developed, recreating a particular experience in each of these sessions, posited as a resonance box where different imaginaries, memory oscillations, paths and the consequent intersections of a circle which takes shape in many forms. 

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