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Photography: César Alberto Guzmán


The Night of the World proposes a scenic route through different architectural spaces in order to breach thresholds to the extra-ordinary. Influenced by immersive theater, butoh, site-specific dance and experimental music, The Night of the World is the result of interdisciplinary research based on collective experiences of confinement. Each route is an invitation to dispose of the senses and sharpen perception; and once there - in inescapable relationship with the others, from within their own nights - immerse oneself in a journey towards the interior.


The Night of the World was presented for the first time at the ExTeresa Arte Actual Museum in September 2015, where the performers endured a 72-hour confinement to generate a collective extra-ordinary state, from which they faced the public.


This piece generates a specific experience for each space based on a continuous process of creation and adaptation of scenic materials.

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