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As part of the Jalisco International Dance Festival 

Aura Arreola and Guyphytsy Aldalai share 

November 8 to 10, 2022

To embody divergence as a possibility. To perceive and appreciate the multiplicity of forms of life, not only humans, from which we can learn and create knowledge. To know ourselves as part of an environment and a web of relationships. 


Empower divergences through the body in movement, understanding that mindful bodily practices are already a way to inquire into other non-hegemonic narratives. We are interested in generating a laboratory of experimentation to share knowledge, to embody them, to communicate processes, to train imaginative and critical thought/movement, to foster open communication and care, to allow failure and error, as well as to assume affective responsibilities. 


We seek to provide a transdisciplinary creative accompaniment from choreography, butoh dances, situated and embodied knowledge and feelings, which are not necessarily identified with the dominant artistic creation. We will approach the body by extending the proprioceptive field with acute attention to listening and touch. We will start from the awareness of the body and its environment as living matter, in order to transversalize problems, concerns and questions. 


The laboratory was closed with a presentation open to the public that gave an account of the process carried out by the participants.

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