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Photography : Pablo Martínez Zárate


Direction, script and photography: Pablo Martínez Zárate.
Dance: Meat and Bone Society (Aura Arreola, Teresa Carlos, Raquel Salgado, Marcela Vásquez and Rodrigo López).
Illustration: Santiago Moyao.
Director assistant: José Luis Rangel.
Postproduction: José Luis Rangel, Pablo Martínez Zárate, Hernán Perera.
Chambers: Pablo Martínez Zárate, Hernán Perera, Leonor Castro Guerra, José Luis Rangel, Pablo García, Luis Suárez.
Audio: Pablo García.
Technological advisor and post-production: Mario Márquez.
Programming: Santiago Renteria.

With the support of the Universidad Iberoamericana, in coordination with the Francisco Xavier Clavijero Library and the Ibero-American Documentary Laboratory of the Department of Communication.

The Body is an Archive: Game for ten cameras (Commission for the Museum Citizens in Movement. M68.).  


This 360º audiovisual montage uses photographic material from the 1968 student movement in Mexico as a way to embody memory. The bodies of the dancers and the illustrator's strokes are activated in response to the photographs; videodance unfolds and immerses the viewer, provokes them and invites the archive to intervene. The sensory experience works as a strategy to open and enter the story. In the textures of the multiple supports used during the filming of the piece, the materiality of the file is confirmed as a path that not only looks to the past but also multiplies at different time periods. By inviting visitors to touch the images, they are also encouraged to redraw the horizons of the possible.


8.16, 35 and 120mm + HD to digital video

15:00 minutes.

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