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Workshop-Incubator for Embodied Experiences

Leaded by Aura Arreola


Museo Anahuacalli, CDMX



Workshop: December 9 - 12, 2021

Incubator: December 16 - 18, 2021

Presentation: December 19, 2021


Thursdays and Fridays 4pm-7pm.

Saturdays and Sundays 11am-2pm.

Presentation: Begins at 4pm.

A space for choreographic experimentation created in collaboration with the specific location; to expand our sensory-motor possibilities through Butoh dances, 4E cognition, audio-somatic movement, and sensory ecology.


Week 1: Workshop

Length: 12 hrs.

4 sessions, 3hrs each.


In this first week, we will share the method developed by Aura Arreola, in which sensory experience, memory, and imagination are joined, to be embodied in movement and form. We will alternate locations between the studio space and the forest preserve, in order to generate experiences of amplified perception. Open to the public, with or without previous dance experience. We embrace body diversity, and we work from all of the possibilities and impossibilities therein. 


Week 2: Incubator

Length: 12 hrs.

3 sessions, 3hrs each.

1 3hr presentation to the public.


For those who attended the workshop (or for those who have previous dance, butoh, or interdisciplinary experience), we will open a space nurtured by the participants, in which we will develop notation of actions, movement, sound, gesture;  of a durational and/or participatory nature.

This choreography will speak to the relationships woven between the participants with the endemic species, architecture, light, and soundscapes of the space, along with those relationships we will want to build with the audience.

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