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Photography: Edgar Lascurain and Sandra Blow

Thanks To/ Together With

I owe much of my transdisciplinary practice and research to meaningful collaborations. Cartographies that are intertwined with artists, researchers, philosophers, people divergent or not identified under these notions; also with sites, materials, ideas and more than humans. But, as Rolnik points out, being pure intensity of the encounter is necessary, but not enough: "it is necessary that throughout these encounters, we create territories" (Rolnik, 2005). This is an attempt to acknowledge the intricate network of interdependencies that supports me. I hope readers will understand and contribute, if they find omissions or incongruities. 

Recent and/or meaningful contributors

Guyphytsy Aldalai, dust and earth from the Bosque de la Primavera (GDL), Fernando Vigueras, my teenager violin, Iván Naranjo, Iraís Bermejo, cotton and jute strings, Tania Hernández Velasco, monarch butterflies and the biota of the botanical garden of the UNAM, Gabriel Ojeda Sagué (US), water, hose and DIY hydrophone, Eugenia Vargas, Teresa Carlos, volcanic stones from the south of the CDMX, Sebastián Solórzano, César Alberto Guzmán, Pablo Martínez Zárate, Samer Alkurdi (AU/SYR), Tomás Reyes, Fili Gibbons (CA), a magnolia tree, Robert Janitz (DE) and his sculptures, Esteban King, Gerardo Castillo Reynoso, Anabel Venegas, Andrea Ancira, Yukio Suzuki (JP), Ana Florencia Pérez de Alba, Chalmita forest, a nineties loop station, Mariana Gándara, Mariana Villegas, Iván Mondragón, Lê Quan Ninh, Adriana Olivera, Juan José Rivas, Kudo Taketeru (JP), Cydney Lewis (US).  


Inspired by the ideas of:

Donna Haraway, Suely Rolnik, Marie Bardet, Anna Tsing, Gilbert Simondon, Rajni Shah, María Puig de la Bellacasa, Baruch Spinoza, Rita Segato, Karen Barad, participants of Inner Space, Butoh Dances and Embodied Experiences, and Butoh In situ. 


Recent and/or meaningful supporters:

Irma Arreola, La Eroteca, CONACYT, Un Teatro and Jessica Sandoval, Museo Anahuacalli, Cátedra Gloria Contreras and Raissa Pomposo, Art Boretum and Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, Lit & Luz Festival, Espacio en el Medio and Guyphytsy Aldalai, participants of workshops, retreats and laboratories, Casa Abierta Oaxaca and FONCA.

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