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Juanes 25, 2022

Volta Sessions: Enrique Jezik, La Furia, Aura Arreola

Curated by Juan José Rivas

Performance in three acts: May I be allowed to be delirious

  1. Intermedial piece in collaboration with Dr. Tomás Reyes, interventional radiologist, musician and sensitive being, who throughout his career has compiled an archive of fluoroscopic angiograms by digital subtraction.  With a flow of visual repetitions between syncopated palpitations and widened lungs, Aura embodies the movement and voice of the entrails, the superimpositions of sounds and images that reveal an exteriorized interior, projected and at the same time hidden, on/through/into her body. 

  2. For several years Aura has been exploring erotic relationships with other humans using ropes and knots. This materiality becomes an extension of her body, enveloping, embracing, limiting and also enabling sensations, movements, memories or affections. In this performance instead, Aura explores the intimacy she has built with this material, she wonders by dancing with it, if erotic rather than human relations also offer "a wellspring of inexhaustible and provocative force." (Audre Lorde, 1978) 

  3. Sound improvisation with expanded violin techniques and movement, under the inspiration of a hermaphroditic sea slug, known as "Spanish dancer" (hexabranchus sanguineus).

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