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Photography: Cristina Medellín 


Guided through live sound, voice and dance by Aura Arreola

This workshop has taken place in spaces in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca.

Bucareli 69

El Entresuelo

Museo Anahuacalli

Casa Abierta Oaxaca.

Encuentro Mares, //Espacio en el medio, Guadalajara.

In-person workshop created in 2019. An experimental methodology which combines neurodance, philosophy, and Butoh dances, originating from sensory stimuli and synesthetic instructions, which inspire not only dance-esque movement or forms, but rather mental images, energy states, and the activation of the sensory. 


Perspectives of multiple Butoh dances distanced from their common link with “Thanatos”, “ankoku” (darkness), and German expressionism, to emphasize their erotic (life force), immersive, and animist potential, expanding sensitivity towards nature and multi-species life.

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