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Experiential choreographies set to silence

Conceived and created by Aura Arreola



This is a project full of uncertainties. Little is known about it. The initial premise is simple: donate at least a minute of complete silence, through video call or video chat. The first time, we received 33 minutes of silence from the same amount of donors. Many have expressed interest, and have given ideas nurturing a vague first impulse. It is paralyzing trying to draw answers from this new reality, far as we are from any answers at all. In the meantime, however, we can perhaps imagine other relationships with the world, with others, with oneself. We may witness molecular transformations, or maybe, simply, stop, and learn to listen to the silence with humility.

Our intimacy has been upset. The proposition is not an end to Doing, but rather trying to incite other methods of perception, relation, and reflection. Just Silence is a participatory action created during the pandemic, in which silence is shared in real time through Zoom. An invitation to live in the present with sharpened perception, expanded sensibilities, lucid memory, and a fertile imagination. There is a critical need to reinvent our subjectivity, and not allow mutations to be imposed by necropolitics, which oppresses life and our bodies in unsustainable way

Audience commentary from those who have donated silence previously:

-  That was touching. (Erin Wilkerson, EU)

-  Y cuando quieras, el tiempo que quieras. (Regina Flore Ribot, Tepoztlán)

-  No tengo palabras, solo puedo decir que esto me basta. (Carolina Ruíz, Tepoztlán)
- Te daría todos los minutos del mundo. (Guyphytsy Aldalai, Guadalajara) 


References and review of previous experiences in silent environments

1. May 22 2020. Across 11 hours, 33 people from Mexico and the United States donated, one by one, a minute of silence.


2. June 2 2020. Silence across disputed borders. Erin Wilkerson, experimental filmmaker, seeing the initiative of silence, proposed that we record ourselves sharing 19 minutes and 32 seconds: one second for each child held at the border between the USA and Mexico. Material edited by her can be found at:

Password: 1475

3. Sunday, July 5, 10:41hrs. Collective silence session vía zoom, reviewed by La Jornada:

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