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Dunkelkammer Sessions is a virtual improvisation platform that brings together 2 artists from distant contexts and locations, to realize a performative piece, using audio as a sole medium of communication in real time. From the proposed set, sound and invisibility reveal the 'other' out of the echo, voice, silence and non verbal communication, that conform to new semantic fields where abstraction, telepathy and intimacy can fit.

The proposal of DKS observes the possibilities of language in the context of digital media, from the perspective of artistic practices, in a series of 6 sessions and 12 guest artists. Dunkelkammer Sessions is a project from Gabriela Gordillo and Fernando Vigueras, realized with the support of Linz Sounds and Casa del Lago in cooperation with DorfTv,, Primal, Radio FRO and CCD Radio.

The outer-inner worlds of two artists that barely know each other; just basic things, but a common situation: their transformations in a changed world. The connection with one other –ephemeral, fragil, present– just by the sound, becomes a recall for survival, a sauvage-delirious trance where memory, imagination and affection blur their limits.

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