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Photography: César Alberto Guzmán



University Museum of Chopo. Mexico City. August 2016.


Made around the installation "Alma" by Mauro Giaconi as part of “Tiempo de piedra”, a cycle of interventions within the framework of the exhibition “From the depths of time”.


A walk full of obstacles triggers the irrevocable desire to move forward and travel. Speed increases. The boundary condition. The risk that leads to a slip, a trip and finally a fall.


It is at this moment that the audience intervenes in the scene, placing five stones - which they have brought with them - on different parts of the dancers' bodies. They must stand up without a single stone falling to the ground. What are the different times of matter?



Mexico City. October, 2016

"If you danced from midnight to six in the morning, who would understand? ..."

Performance based on the poem "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" by Anne Sexton.

Made for the presentation of the book “Transformaciones” translated by Patricia Rivas and edited by La Cartonera.

Playing with the overlap of worlds, the images evoked by the poem are incarnated in the bodies of the dancers who travel the space between presenters and spectators, accompanying the reading voiced by the translator.



Investigation process. Mexico City. 2017.

Digressions on “The madness arises” by invitation from Alberto Carvajal, psychoanalyst and researcher at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, to collaborate in an artistic experimentation project at the Dr. Samuel Ramírez Moreno Psychiatric Hospital (Valle de Chalco, State of Mexico).


We move through the city until we reach the psychiatric hospital. We enter it to meet the bodies-realities that inhabit it. We seek, from the simplicity of chat, games and dance, to create sensitive connections with some of the interned. We activate our vitality together to investigate what happens in the meeting; how can we recognize ourselves from our differences and limitations? What do we share that allows us to weave a fragile space of communion? From restless bodies, we find in “madness” a field to explore, to experience other variations of the possible, to create them.



Mexico City. February, 2017.

Audiovisual response to Obrera Centro's invitation to send a clip celebrating encounters and accumulation of energy.

The video was screened in celebration of its 2nd anniversary (02-04-17), superimposed with all the videos of friends, artists and invited groups to compose an audiovisual collage around the affections that invaded the space as the scene of the party.

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