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A memory arrived by itself; there are those who call it coincidence. It happened 75 years ago, at an elementary school in Tacubaya. The young choreographer was experimenting with untrained bodies and a musical about Dutch dolls and Hungarian dances. This previously unknown story is fascinating, highlighting everything on the margins of the archives, expanding the imagination of those who, as they are, are still covered in dust, in memory of the bodies. She asks about those other bodies that, conscious or unconsciously, in some way, even now are moved by her. An exceptional encounter of bodies, conditions, and memories, reunited to invoke an homage, in a multifaceted and heterogenous relation of potentials and intensities.

Speculative choreographies and embodied vestiges about Guillermina Bravo





A production by Dirección de Danza UNAM y la Coordinación de Difusión Cultural UNAM

Direction and Choreography: Aura Arreola

Filmmaker: Pablo Martínez-Zárate

Sound design and Composition: Rogelio Sosa

Cast: Elisa Rodríguez, Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez, Mariana Villegas, Teresa Carlos, Lucio Rebolledo Carlos, Azalea Aguiñiga y Ernesto Pérez de Alba

Production and Direction Assistant: Gerardo Castillo Reynoso

Wardrobe: Adriana Olivera

Production Assistant: Renata Arzac

Production Assistant: David Contreras

Casting Director: Eugenia Vargas

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