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Photography: César Alberto Guzmán


Concept: Aura Arreola

Creation and performance: Aura Arreola, Marcela Vásquez, Raquel Salgado, Teresa Carlos and Rodrigo López and Priscella Uvalle.


April 15, 2018

Duration: 2 hrs 45 minutes


Tamayo Museum

Interventions at the Cerith Wyn Evans exhibition

Tamayo Museum   


Based on the provocations of Cerith Wyn Evans, the Society of Flesh and Bone presents a series of body translations that take as their premise the possibilities of transformation of time and space.  


Referring to the piece E = C = L = I = P = S = E, we determine an orbit around the three different rooms through which each performer travels - with different possibilities of relationship with the Wyn Evans’ pieces -, completing cycles that will be disturbed by the passage of time.


We approach the movement in constant tension between two-dimensionality and multidimensionality, between the predictable and the spontaneous, between emptiness, evidence and subtlety; in this way the body is one more factor in enhancing perception and relationships between space and time, leading the viewer through a journey, both subjective and collective, of expanded sensitivity.


The physical and mental demand of a three-hour scheduled improvisation requires a state of concentration, openness of sensation, multiple points of attention, continuous connection –fully present– with our own body, with the other performers and with the audience. Generating an energy flow that sustains duration, based on movement, listening, sensation and sound. All this, synchronized to the greater orbit (performer 1) which will affect the rhythm of the rotation of the performers in space with variables such as acceleration, deceleration, reversing direction, and pausing movement. Finally, the great star, the sun, who, thanks to the architecture of the space, will mark the passage of the day and the path of light, will be one of the constant stimuli and catalysts.

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