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Foto: Karla Niño de Rivera.


Aura Arreola was invited as part of a series of performances coordinated by Saenger Gallery and Anahuacalli Museum for Robert Janitz's exhibition.


The artist and performer was materially intimate with Janitz's pieces, finding ways to relate her body to the body of the sculptures and paintings, through movement, sound, listening and time. Janitz offered Arreola complete freedom for her creation, even allowing her to percuss the stone sculptures:

- “Lithophones !! “ said Janitz when he first heard Arreola's explorations. Sometimes inhabiting the tensions of the dialogue between human and more than human materials, materials with different values, Arreola's performance was generously shared in a mythical place of Mexican Modern Art. 

Exhibition by Robert Janitz at the Anahuacalli Museum

Curated by Karla Niño de Rivera

Production by Bernardo Saenger

Aura Arreola ‘s Performance: Saturday, July 23, 2022

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