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Stills cortesía de la directora


MÉXICO / FICTION / 16’/ 4K - SUPER 8MM / 2022 

Produced by Mexico 's Autonomous National University' s Cinematheque (Filmoteca UNAM) and Síntesis UNAM, in coproduction with Estudios Churubusco. 


Written, directed, produced and co-edited by Tania Hernández Velasco

Hugo Villa & Juan Ayala - Executive production


In collaboration with

Aura Arreola - Choreography, performance and music

Inés Gutiérrez (CirrinaLab) - Microscopic images

Sandra Luz López Barroso - Director of photography

Eduardo Palenque - Editing

Mariana Rodríguez Alcocer - Sound design and direct sound

Eduardo Gaytán & Felipe Meléndez - Sound mix

Kuru Lozano - Production manager

Fernanda Becerril & Gabriela Álvarez - Line producers

Semillitxs Hernández Velasco - Graphic design

Yolanda Velasco - Catering

A recently discovered monarch butterfly subspecies (Danaus plexippus eclipsis) possesses strange toxins in their scales that provoke powerful nervous alterations in their predators. 

Eclipsis is a sci-fi short film that speculates –narratively and sensorially– around what happens to human beings if they enter in contact with this imaginary butterfly. Intertwining the vivid microscopic colors and textures in 4K, the sway of the human body registered in Super 8mm and archival footage, this film imagines a multispecies crossroads.

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