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Affective cartographies, relational choreographies and speculative thought in more than human worlds.


Facilitated by: Aura Arreola

March 2023

Venue: Sala Miguel Covarrubias Dance Studio, Universitary Cultural Centre, UNAM.

This laboratory is proposed as a space for micro-political experimentation in which people -with no need for previous experience in dance or the arts- are invited to explore vulnerability, care and affection through the body in movement, in search of possible radical intimacies that are not exclusively human. Each session is dedicated to a different poetics of intimacy, to conclude with a final session in which diverse materials are generated for the creation of a future archive. The poetics we explore are: 

Session 1. The word, writing and dialogue.

Session 2. Sound, listening and silence.

Session 3. Touch, materiality and collectivity.

Session 4. Affection, divergence and pleasure in its political dimension.

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