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Photography: Leo Cortés. Estreno en FID Jalisco 2022. Edificio Arroniz, Guadalajara


Idea and choreography - Aura Arreola and Guyphytsy Aldalai 

Sound design - Fernando Vigueras

Violin: Aura Arreola

Voice: Guyphtsy Aldalai

Lighting design - Luis Manuel "Mosco" Aguilar 

Costume design - Guyphytsy Aldalai with pieces by arkatha 

Image - David Joshua Jennings 


I lack time, but I have eternity to spare.

Time and eternity now: two simultaneous currents.

Roberto Juarroz

Unfading [ Inmarcesibles ] is a choreographic essay created as abstractions of the intimate relationship between Guyphytsy Aldalai and Aura Arreola. An affect between two women artists that cannot be defined as purely professional, nor personal. Rather liminal, ineffable and abysmal. Choreographic thought then becomes a territory where deep affections and the reinvention of kinship flourish. An embodied manifesto that in the brevity of existence and the ephemerality of pleasures seeks to make space where there seems to be none. Unfading  is proposed as a counter-pedagogy of cruelty (Rita Segato) from which Aura and Guyphytsy experience vulnerability as a political and aesthetic power. 


Choreographic creation is a desiring dynamism, a tenacious reconfiguration whose limits between fiction and reality are eroded. A radical intimacy that is fragilely woven -to paraphrase the well-known metaphor of butoh dance-, between two corpses trying to stand up.

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