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Photography: Mara Arteaga, Concepción Huerta, Fausto Jijón Quelal, Natalia Gaia_ Casa del Lago UNAM


A reality that overwhelms no matter how you look at it paralyzes and crushes us; we can either stare, awestruck, at that which has no remedy, or recognize ourselves as alive and reveal, together, that which unites us.


Based on research in fields as diverse as artistic installations, butoh, audience-participatory art, sound art, dance, immersive environments, meditative practices through movement, sound or light; the Society of Flesh and Bone assumes the need for multisensory experiences that maintain a constant tension between the subjective and the collective, the unpredictable and the structured, the everyday and the transcendent.


Contagions is a proposal that brings together agents from different contexts (cultural studies, philosophy, communication), disciplines (dance, music, visual arts, design) and latitudes (Japan and Mexico) to spread the power of the collective, a configuration of possibilities that combine body, sound and light in a continuous flow of encounters.


Attending the installation is an invitation to leave the spectator mindset and assume a position closer to reality in which one decides to act or remain passive, to look from one point of view or several, to move or remain immobile. Finding oneself immersed in curated environments intersected by encounter and the present, microtopies that wander between the living installation and the collective immersion.


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