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 Photography: Viviana Zuñiga



Choreography: Aura Arreola

Sound design: Juan José Rivas

Choreographic advisor: Eugenia Vargas

Dancehall Performer and Consultant: Jessica Ooz

Performers: Marilú Macareno, Deny Ramos, Homero Fernández, Elizabeth Arosemena Elizondo, Fernanda Palacios, 

Design and production of masks: Daniela Sofía Main



Perfume Museum



Thursday, September 5, 2019

Performative activation of the piece Can Brutal by Juan José Rivas. 


Choreographic concept


Erotic trance or ritual of seduction, a state of collective suggestion induced from a continuum of movement, rhythmic, gradually transforming into different qualities, from the subtle to the frenzied, from the hidden to the revealed, from the formless to the hyperformed.   


A pre-reflective, pre-psychological, pre-emotional corporal-mental state, which is inhabited from the materiality of the flesh, “the living flesh that suffers and enjoys, but does not understand”, “the thing without intention”. Entering into being flesh, flesh that seeks vitality and, therefore, moves, that is agitated, that enjoys the movement, the shaking of its organs, the orifices through which it communicates with the outside, consumes or excretes. Ambiguity and uncertainty in the fields of pleasure.


Which bodies sustain desire? In the production of capitalistic subjectivity under the prevailing patriarchal hegemony, that object of desire is a young white woman, under a stereotype that is repeated over and over again, in the images that penetrate us. Excluded bodies either submit or rebel. They appeal to their strangeness, their queerness as a subjective erotic power. They empower themselves, they enjoy their uniqueness, they manifest their own desire, their unique seduction.


Six heterogeneous bodies with different approaches to dance, movement and gender performativity, converge from eroticism - an emanation of life - to vindicate themselves in this affirmation of existence. Dancehall and butoh, two ways of inquiring about the liberation of the body, about the subversive movement, of manifesting a sexual, erotic, vital body. From this juncture, Juan José Rivas provokes us with the idea of mixing these worlds with the hint of a common truth that will bring us together around the Can Brutal.

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