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Photography: Sandra Blow 



Choreography and direction: Aura Arreola

Performers: Rodrigo López and Aura Arreola

Choreographic advice: Teresa Carlos

Costumes: Deny Ramos and Rodrigo López


ESPAC. Goethe 130, Anzures, Mexico City


50 minutes

Choreographic activation for Double Distance, by Ana Bidart and Armando Rosales 


Double Distance is an exhibition curated by Esteban King, which explores the exhibition space and the espac collection from a series of pieces made by Ana Bidart and Armando Rosales. Although the sample includes some previous works by both artists, it is for the most part made up of a series of new commissioned works and site-specific interventions.


Starting from the exposition's approaches, Aura Arreola and Rodrigo López carry out a series of body actions that explore both the pieces in the exhibition and the architecture of the space:


Jumping rope

The felt space

Other essays on inhabiting

Embodied strokes and gestures

Intermissions: what does vertigo sound like?

Free motor associations

Appetizer inspired by the José Clemente Orozco painting, The Selfishness of Threshold (1914)

Soliloquy of light (Ninth use of the Other: to refuse)

Encore on the Eleventh Use of the Other: Control of the Sky

Wandering between chatting and beers


Saturday 18 May 2019

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