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Concept, creation and performance: Aura Arreola * and Deny Ramos

Direction and choreography: Aura Arreola *

Installation and production: Deny Ramos

Sound art and live music: Arthur Henry Fork **

 Installation, dance, sound, immersion


An immersive choreographic installation in which the public inhabits and arranges the active space in order to immerse themselves in juxtaposed dream worlds. Their proximity to other bodies and their haptic relationships will be woven together with moving images, bodies, sounds, textures, and colors. An "inner dream within" another dream, a dream of the dream, someone else’s dream, Muchu ma seeks to induce synaesthetic states in which memory, sensation and imagination dissolve.




Oaxaca, Japan and Butoh Dance. Three significant points of convergence that unite artists Aura Arreola and Deny Ramos to weave this interdisciplinary collaboration in which they will inhabit the Ma (間), the “space between” dream worlds. The specific location generated from the textile installation, butoh dance and sound art, will immerse the public in Muchu (中) or the "dream within".


10 years ago Aura Arreola and Deny Ramos met in the experimental butoh dance workshop taught by Eugenia Vargas, an emblematic figure of Butoh in Mexico. This was the first experience for both of them in this type of art, an event that has since strongly guided their lives. Oaxaca and Japan, two places, so distant and different, yet which both have been critical in their professional careers. Each artist, at different times, having had artistic residencies in those locales where they have taken root, verifies that one is not only where one is born, but where one is raised, where one is made. What do these places have in common besides the fondness gained through lived experiences? What new stories, people and sentiments are emerging?


HERE-NOW, THE INTERDISCIPLINE. A relational, affective and political piece.


Muchu ma seeks to configure new interdisciplinary spaces within our artistic practice. We assume interdiscipline as an aesthetic and political stance: vulnerability as resistance (Butler, 2018). In this sense, we allow experimentation between specific fields of action and we permeate the work of others; we leave the safe ground of previously-held knowledge in order to expose and make ourselves vulnerable to relationships with others. It is not by fortune or coincidence that we are two women creating this project; we inquire about sensitivity from the phenomenology of the feminine and its social construct. Likewise, we share the need to reflect on our artistic practice from forms of organization and production alternate from capitalistic and patriarchal modernity, seeking a process that affects and is affected by its environment. We seek artistic creation from the interdependence not only between other bodies, but between materialities, affections, environmental crises, cultural policies ... which we recognize, question, and de-construct within ourselves, in an effort to imagine new possibilities of agency.

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